Freaky Friday    March 29, 2019    Cast Sweet
Freaky Friday     March 30, 2019     Cast Awesome


Friday '19

      The St. Patricia Drama Club presented Disney's Freaky Friday based on the novel by Mary Rodgers and the Disney films.

      Our famous Production Team of Scialo and Campbell began casting the two cast play in January.

      The Little Kids cast sang Magic and Ain't No Mountain High Enough on Thursday and Saturday.

On Friday and Sunday the songs between acts were Turn the Beat Around and Count on Me. The Kids cast are recruited from Kindergarten to Third. They participate in the rehearsals.

        The two casts alternated the leads between the four nights so that the maximum amount of kids wanting to participate could.

        The play is always a highlight for the school community and the parish. Many parents and grand-

parents volunteer to help and all attend one maybe two nights. Ads are taken out in the program book which are treasured.


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