Campaign for Catholic Education and Faith Formation

The Archdiocese of Chicago has launched a campaign for Catholic Education and Faith Formation. Over the next three years, parishes will be asked to participate in a commitment to their futures. $150 million will address parish specific needs through the parish based portion (60%) of the campaign.  This number reflects a total parish based campaign goal of $250 million, of which 60 % ($150 Million) will remain at the parishes for their needs and 40% ($100 million) will come to the Archdiocese to meet the needs of the parishes that cannot meet on their own. St. Patricia keeps 60%!

How the Campaign Works
60% of whatever is raised in the pledge campaign stays locally in the parish for needed renovations, repairs, and updating of programs while 40% goes to the archdiocese. The following projects are some of our local parochial needs that have surfaced after consultation with our parish Finance Committee.

1.) REPLACING OUR BOILER - After this brutal winter we know how inportant it is to have a functioning boiler and heating system. Our boiler which heats both the school and church complex, will need to be replaced.


2.) RESURFACING OUR PARKING LOT - We have been working on our extensive lots piecemeal each summer filling holes and pouring some needed asphalt. We need to complete the north end of the lot which is the closest side to the heavily-trafficked front and side doors.


3.) RENOVATING OUR PARISH KITCHENS - Both the Parish Center Kitchen and the Lower Hall Kitchen needs updating with new ovens, counters, refrigerating units, etc. Our various groups use these kitchens continuously for their various meetings and fundraisers and, therefore, it is important that they be functional, clean, and safe. We would also like to work on our rectory kitchen which desperately needs updating.

***In addition the rectory windows need to be replaced.


4.) IMPROVING OUR SCHOOL CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION - We will enhance our instructional programs by purchasing the "Super Readers Program" for grades pre-K through 2nd, by updating our science laboratory, and by adding an aide to facilitate large classroom numbers in some grades.


5.) UPDATING OUR TECHNOLOGY -  We want to add a multi-viewing system in the church. We will upgrade our Microsoft Office with contemporary version, update our Religious Education and RCIA libraries with new films and instructional aids, incorporate more technology and smart boards in our classrooms as well as purchase more 'hands-on'  technology such as

I-pads for our students.


Our Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Chicago has always been a "Future Church" as we look forward to preaching Christ's Gospel message to the generations of Roman Catholics to come in the years ahead. As a faith community we have admitted our past mistakes and sought forgiveness.  We have reached out to heal - as our new pontiff Pope Francis has modeled for us so well!  We are turning the page on the past and hopefully putting forth a plan for the "Future Church."  We need your support and your encouragement in this campaign.


We close with the words of the campaign prayer: "Heavenly Father, raise up a new generation of disciples with fervor and eagerness to teach and proclaim Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, the One Who tells who we are, shows us how to love, and assures our salvation.  Bless this campaign and . . . (let) all donors discover in themselves your gift of a generous and sacrificial spirit that flows from a love for the Church and supports her (future) mission. . .through Christ Our Lord."


2010 - present

2010 - present

Campaign Funding
$150 million allocated for scholarships will generate millions of dollars annually for new and continuing needs based scholarships for many years to come.
Program Enhancements for Catholic Schools

​$8 million of direct cash infusion will insure academic excellence


Strengthening Religious Education Programs

$10 million will support Religious Education programs


"Next Generation" Religious Education

$2 million will develop and pilot new approaches to religious education and faith formation


Capital Needs

$30 million will address specific capital needs in our schools and related parish facilities